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  • PLS state-specific legal training is written by attorneys and is based on actual court cases selected from recent appellate court decisions. Lessons include an in-depth analysis of five target cases as well as questions and answers based on illustrative example cases. The lessons place the lesson taker in the position of the officer at the scene and examine how the court reviewed the officer’s actions.

  • PLS interpersonal and technical skills lessons provide in-depth guidance on issues such as bias-based policing, mental illness, human trafficking, sexual assault investigations, and other current issues in law enforcement.


PLS Iowa legal update lesons review cases from the following courts:

  • United States Supreme Court

  • 8th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Iowa Supreme Court

  • Iowa Court of Appeals


PLS prepares lessons to meet state-specific training requirements, CALEA standards, and sometimes an individual client’s training needs.  Examples of  past lesson subjects inlcude those listed below.



  • First Amendment Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Vehicle Searches

  • Warrantless Home Searches



  • Arrest & Detention of Foreign Nationals*

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Crime Scenes

  • Domestic Abuse Investigations

  • Human Trafficking Investigations

  • Sexual Assault Investigations

  • Interviewing Witnesses

  • Service Dogs

  • Suicide Investigations

  • Testifying


Interpersonal Skills:

  • Mental Illness*

  • Death Notification

  • Ethics*

  • Police-Prosecutor Relations

  • Racial Profiling/Bias-Based Policing*

  • Sexual Harassment*

  • Suicide Intervention - 2 part lesson


* Indicates a lesson that could be used to help satisfy a CALEA standard.


Lesson Content


  • Enhance the ability of law enforcement officials to apply the law in real-time situations

  • Reduce incidents of inadmissible evidence

  • Reduce liability exposure

  • Are user-friendly and easy to administer

  • Are cost-effective (no travel, lodging, backfill, or per diem)

  • Are available 24/7

  • Can be used to satisy Iowa law enforcement officer in-service training requirements


Benefits for Officers and Supervisors

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